ANUSA announces 2017 executives

18 October 2016

The ANU Students' Association (ANUSA) has announced its 2017 representatives.

Incoming President James Connolly said it was an immense privilege for the team to be elected to the ANUSA Executive for 2017.

"Being elected President means ensuring that undergraduate student voices and interests are heard and represented on key-decision making bodies of the University," he said.

"That carries with it huge responsibilities as well as huge opportunities to gauge student views and advocate on their behalf.

"Our job is ultimately made far easier owing to the trailblazing efforts of the 2016 representatives to whom we are all very grateful. They've left us very big shoes to fill."

The 2017 ANUSA executive include President, James Connolly, Vice-President, Eleanor Kay, General Secretary, Kat Reed, Treasurer, Harry Feng, Education Officer, Jessy Wu and Social Officer, Cameron Allan.

Mr Connolly said the team was elected to reform the Association's approach to advocacy both on education and student welfare.

"It's our hope to restructure the Executive to have a designated advocacy position for student welfare and facilitate structures for co-ordinated advocacy between the ANUSA College Representatives," he said.

"We want to ensure that all students are included in the conversation around the future of teaching and learning and what the future of Union Court will look like.

"More broadly our responsibility is to enhance the student experience by ensuring our continuing services are widely known about and accessible."

Mr Connolly said ANU is full of amazing opportunities and ANUSA is an integral part of maximising the student experience.

"When in doubt, ANUSA should be the first port of call for undergraduate students," he said.

"If students are unsure of where to go and what opportunities are available to students at the ANU, please swing by the ANUSA offices and we'll do our best to help you."