ANU Shop annual stocktake sale

10 August 2014

The second annual week-long ANU Shop stocktake sale starts 11 August.

The sale includes discounts between 40 and 50 per cent, and includes discontinued and overstocked ANU and limited edition t-shirts, hoodies.

Some children’s sizes, and adults from XS to 3XL. Please note not all sizes are available for every item and some stocks are limited.

The smaller-sized garments are usually the first to go with lots of larger size clothing available, but that means students can use the oversized clothing as night shirts or for layering in winter.

A popular item from last year’s sale included baby t-shirts purchased for babies that weren’t even born yet.

Bring a bag along for your purchases and mention On Campus and you will receive a free ANU Notebook with your sale purchase.

10am-5pm Monday – Friday
ANU Shop
Corner of Kingsley and Hutton Streets
ANU Exchange
6125 1144