10 things to do this O-Week

13 February 2018

2018 ANU O-Week is here, and we asked the ANU Students' Association's O-Week events team what they think students should check out during the week!

  1. Enjoy local and national talent in the heart of one of Canberra's iconic locations, the Australian National Botanic Gardens (across the road from campus), at ANUSA's Friday Night Party Presents: LiveWire
  2. Test out your high notes at ANU Karaoke on Tuesday night at the Pop-Up Club.
  3. Spend your Valentines Day with someone special; an alpaca or a comedian.
  4. Go to all 20 O-Week events to get a set of limited edition O-Week merchandise.
  5. Check out the ANSUA O-Week website 20 times a day because you keep forgetting what's happening
  6. Get that daily free coffee from Sly Fox to power you through all the exciting events you want to attend
  7. Be over-committed and sign up to all 128 Clubs and Societies on Market Day.
  8. Make some new friends as you challenge them to take the title of ANU Archery champ at our Fete Day!
  9. Enjoy the diversity at ANU, and come along to have a colour fight at Holi!
  10. Come battle against the University's finest to win the coveted title of scavenger hunt champion!