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A. Ross

Evening Standard 1920s
[El]der expedition.
[In]specting the Territory

Alice Springs, Sunday:
    A. Ross… left here on Saturday, … the object of prospecting the country between the OTL and the WA border, striking west from Ryan's well…
    More recently, he traversed Davidson's route between Tennant's Creek and Tanami.  He also inspected and reported to the SA Government on the line of soakage wells put down by it with the object of opening a stock route between the WA border and the OTL.


Note made June 1982 from a colleague's note.

The reference to a "the line of soakage wells" is presumably those sunk by Chewings 1909 which Alec Ross is known to have inspected for the SA Government.

The source is unclear.  The National Library of Australia catalogue shows no Australian newspaper called Evening Standard published in the 1920s.  If the reference is to the London newspaper, the headline is curious.

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