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Endangered language resources

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Silverstein, Michael. 1998. Contemporary transformations of local linguistic communities. Annual Review of Anthropology 27,401-26. doi:10.1146/annurev.anthro.27.1.401 Abstract free, via a DOI resolver such as
Moore, Robert E. 2006. Disappearing, Inc.: Glimpsing the sublime in the politics of access to endangered languages. Language & Communication 26,296315 doi:10.1016/j.langcom.2006.02.009 Abstract free, via a DOI resolver such as

Endangered Languages and language documentation

Linguist List's Endangered Languages Homepage, in conjunction with the LSA Committee on ELs and Their Preservation
especially: Funding Opportunities for Endangered Language Maintenance and Research

discussion list ENDANGERED-LANGUAGES-L; Searchable database

FEL (Foundation for Endangered Languages)

ELF (Endangered Language Fund)

Terralingua: Partnerships for Linguistic and Biological Diversity, an international NGO that is specifically devoted to information and education about biocultural diversity

Permanent International Committee of Linguists (CIPL)'s Endangered Languages page

Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity (RNLD)

Endangered Languages of the Pacific Rim (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority Areas (A), the Japan Ministry of Education, Science, Sport and Culture)

Bibliography on Language Endangerment (Tsunoda)
Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Programme at SOAS: Documentation Programme (ELDP), Academic Programme (ELAP), Archive Programme (ELAR)
Volkswagen Stiftung - infotext: dokumentation bedrohter sprachen

Gesellschaft fr bedrohte Sprachen e.V. (Society for Endangered Languages)
Endangered Language Repository at ' A Web of Online Dictionaries'
Speech and Language Technology for Minority Languages (SALTMIL) a Special Interest Group within ESCA (now ISCA)
Resources for Endangered Languages, with an emphasis on Native American languages
Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights as adopted by NGOs; text in a number of languages
Bilingual Education
Teaching Indigenous Languages
People and Plants Online
Knowledge Transmission and Political Communication Project
Technology-Enhanced Language Revitalization, including the ILAT discussion list
Maintenance and loss of minority languages, edited by Willem Fase, Koen Jaspaert, Sjaak Kroon. Amsterdam ; Philadelphia : J. Benjamins, 1992.
McKay, Graham R. 1996. The land still speaks: review of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language maintenance and development needs and activities. Canberra: Australian Govt. Pub. Service. xxvii+290pp. Commissioned Report No. 44. (Australia. National Board of Employment, Education and Training). ISBN 064445945X xxvii+290pp. [PDF]
Amery, Rob. 2001. Warrabarna Kaurna! Reclaiming an Australian Language. Lisse, Netherlands: Swets & Zeitlinger Publishers
Gibbs, W. Wayt. 2002. Saving dying languages. Scientific American, August 2002, 78-85. Also linked at

Fishman, Joshua, ed. 2001. Can threatened languages be saved? Multilingual. ISBN 185359492X

Lenore A. Grenoble and Lindsay Whaley, eds. 1998. Endangered languages: language loss and community response. Cambridge Uni Press. ISBN 0521597129

Dalby, A. Language in danger. Allen Lane. ISBN 0713994436

Abrams, Daniel and Steven Strogatz. 2003. Modeling the dynamics of language death. Nature Vol 424 21 August 2003, p.900

1980s news items

Masle, Geoff. 1986. Linguists call for TV to save Aboriginal languagesThe Age 13 Dec 1986, p.23

inventories of endangered languages

SIL Ethnologue (USA)
SIL Ethnologue (UK), by Language
U Kansas Endangered Language Survey
The International Clearing House for Endangered Languages (ICHEL) at the Institute of Cross Cultural Studies, Univ. of Tokyo
UNESCO World Languages Report
Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger of Disappearing, UNESCO Publishing, Paris &Pacific Linguistics, Canberra 1996 [Scientific American review with map
Endangered Languages, Berg, New York, 1991.
Encyclopedia of the World's Endangered Languages, edited by Christopher Moseley. RoutledgeCurzon (Taylor & Francis), 2002. ISBN 070071197X
Endangered languages in Africa, edited by Matthias Brenzinger, 1998 ISBN 3-89645-305-X

some regional endangered language resources

  • Endangered languages on film & video
  • McConvell, P. and N. Thieberger. 2001. State of Indigenous languages in Australia - 2001, Australia State of the Environment Second Technical Paper Series (Natural and Cultural Heritage), Department of the Environment and Heritage, Canberra.
  • Heritage Languages in America Welina Mai! (Hawai'i)
  • Siouan Languages and Related Subjects
  • Minority Language Engineering Project (MILLE)
  • Endangered languages in Africa, edited by Matthias Brenzinger, 1998
  • House of First Voices, Canada
  • language documentation and archiving

    Himmelmann, Nikolaus P. 1998. Documentary and descriptive linguistics. Linguistics36.1,161-195.
    LDC's Linguistic Annotation compilation
    Multidimensional Exploration of Online Linguistic Field Data
    NWO Spinoza Research Program 'Lexicon and Syntax'
    Thieberger, Nick. 1999. (Re-)presenting texts. ALS workshop, UWA
    Linguistic Data Archiving Project (LACITO)
    Australian Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights
    DELAMAN and especially its participant archives
    Paradisec (Pacific And Regional Archive for DIgital Sources in Endangered Cultures)
    HRELP Archive Programme (ELAR)
    National Library of Australia's PANDORA Project (Preserving and Accessing Networked DOcumentary Resources of Australia)
    1998 version of African Language Data Archive

    some past conferences

  • Foundation for Endangered Languages annual International Conferences: VII: Maintaining the Links: Language, Identity and the Land, Broome, Western Australia. 22nd - 24th September, 2003
  • Australian Anthropological Society Conference 2000 includes a workshop on Native Title and anthropology/linguistics
  • Seventh Annual Stabilizing Indigenous Languages Conference, Toronto, Ontario, May 11-14, 2000
  • Linguistic Exploration: New Methods for Creating, Exploring and Disseminating Linguistic Field Data, January 6, 2000, in conjunction with the LSA Annual Meeting
  • Symposium: Language Endangerment and Language Maintenance: An Active Approach, La Trobe University 29-30 November 1999
  • points in my presentation
  • Linguistics and Native Title (2 October 1999, UWA)
  • Third International Conference on Maintenance and Loss of Minority Languages Koningshof Conference Center, Veldhoven, The Netherlands, November 26-27, 1998
  • Workshop for Language Resources for European Minority Languages, Granada 1998 (speech and text corpora): review
  • Examples (provided by Michael Walsh at Tranby workshop, 4 December 2003) Ara Irititja Glenn Auld's paper about talking books in Arnhem Land a news item about a resource in Queensland

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    (source for some language analysis tools )

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