Yanardilyi CD-ROM

Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 13:30:33 +1100
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Subject: Yanardilyi Cockatoo Creek CD-Rom

"Yanardilyi - Cockatoo Creek" is the first CD-Rom to have been developed
and produced by members of a remote Aboriginal community.

The central theme of Yanardilyi is the production of a large canvas by
Warlukurlangu Artists of Yuendumu, commissioned by the South Australian
Museum in 1996. In the CD-Rom, the canvas itself acts as the main menu
through which to access sections on the Dreamings depicted.  Within each of
these areas you can explore a range of ways in which Warlpiri people
represent these Dreamings - in painting on canvas and ceremonial objects;
finger drawings; sign language; singing and dancing the country; and on
country visits in which signs of the ancestors are manifest in sites
throughout the landscape.

This contemporary cultural material is complemented by 3 other sections:
'Creating Yanardilyi' presents the process by which the canvas project was
undertaken. 'Arts' places this project in the wider context of the history
of art production at Yuendumu. 'Past & Present' contains a wealth of areas
for exploration which include historical events such as a 1931 expedition
to Cockatoo Creek, and the devastation of the Coniston Massacres.  Other
sections here cover the early days of Yuendumu's establishment, Land
Rights, football, bands and media production.  In short, Yanardilyi
presents the continuing practice of traditional cultural activity in the
contemporary forms in which it takes place at Yuendumu.

System Requirements:
PC: pentium 100 or better (Pentium 133 recommended) running Windows 95/NT
4.0, 8 megabytes or more of RAM (16 mb recommended), Quard-speed (4x) or
faster CD-ROM drive, 640 x 480 Super VGA display (Display setting: High
Color - 16bit required)

Mac: Power PC 601/60 or better running Mac OS System 7.5 or later, 8
megabytes of Application RAM, (ie, memory available after System
requirements), 16 mb recommended Quad-speed or faster CD-ROM drive, 640 x
480 display (Monitor setting: Thousands of colors required).

The CD-Rom is available through AFI Distribution.  Ph (03) 9696 1844 Fax
(03) 9696 7972, email afi@vicnet.net.au.

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