Linguistic analysis software

Supporting LSA.301 Field Methods

to transcribe audio

Doulos SIL Font Package, beta version, Unicode IPA

SIL IPA93 Fonts 2.0

Unicode home page
Cyclone, a text converting utility application for Macintosh

SAMPA and X-SAMPA using ASCII, and IPA Script

latest version (currently 1.5.1) from

tips for using the Transcriber application

TableTrans in the AGTK (Annotation Graph Tool Kit) (not on Computer Lab machines)

to transcribe video (or audio)
Elan 2.4 and later have obviated the need for the related converter Econv
Albert Bickford's getting-started guide for ELAN (especially for working with sign languages)

which may call on the font Macintosh Arial Unicode

to edit audio files
Transcribe!  Macintosh
current:  Transcribe! version 7.11 for Mac OS-X
runs for 30 days without requiring a "license key"

Audacity  (not on Computer Lab machines)

Praat  Macintosh

to convert between formats and edit text files
TextWrangler 2  Macintosh

TextPad Windows

emacs — included in Mac OS X, in Applications/Utilities/Terminal

TECkit version 2.1.2 Macintosh OS X

to create and edit interlinear text and dictionaries
Shoebox (Mac version runs under Mac OS 9, Classic)
Technical support papers, including Shoebox for the Mac 'Line 108 error' fix
for Windows, Shoebox's successor Toolbox

a new Interlinear Text Editor
Lexique Pro is only for Windows

to present a audio-linked concordance
Audiamus  Macintosh

to analyse linguistic variation statistically
Vocabulary Management Profiles, including online calculation of Type/Token Statistics, and Concordances & Word Frequencies

Goldvarb 2001


Created 22 March 2005
Modifed 9 October 2005