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Humanities Research, a refereed journal, was first published in August 1997, and represented a major forum for new research in the humanities. Humanities Research is a joint project of the CCR and the HRC, now the Research School of Humanities. The editorial committee comprises the Director and Deputy Director of the RSH, Dr Paul Pickering, and a panel of eminent editorial advisers across the range of humanities and social sciences from Australia and overseas.

Humanities Research takes the place of the HRC Bulletin which ceased publication with its 84th issue ( March, 1997 ). As a refereed journal Humanities Research affords the RSH the opportunity of accurately representing itself to the academic world as a major sponsor and producer of learned papers in the humanities and social sciences. As its name indicates Humanities Research does not restrict itself to any single discipline. Following the model of the RSH itself, the journal's raison d'etre is to encourage work which crosses disciplinary boundaries and to present original research by important scholars to a broad humanities audience.


Humanities Research is now available in electronic format from To be added to an email list which receives notification of future issues of the journal as they become available, please email, with your full name, email and other contact details.

Editorial Committee

Editorial Committee

Previous Issues

Issue 2, 2009: 'Compelling Cultures: Representing Cultural Diversity and Cohesion in Multicultural Australia' (online)
Issue 1, 2009: 'Diversity, Integration and Citizenship'. (online)
Issue 2, 2007: 'Pain and Death: Politics, Aesthetics, Legalities'. (online)
Issue 1, 2007: 'Historicizing Cross Cultural Research'. (online)
Issue 1, 2006: 'Britishness and Otherness'. (online)
Issue 1, 2005: 'Bigotry and Religion in Australia 1865 - 1950'. (online)
Issue 1, 2004: 'Cultural Politics and Iconography'. (online)
Issue 1, 2003: 'Latin America'. (online)
Issue 2, 2003: 'Monuments and Commemorations'. (online)
Issue 1, 2002: 'Museums of the Future' (Part 2). (online)
Issue 1, 2001: 'Museums of the Future' (Part 1). (online)

Issue 1, 2000: 'Indigenous Knowledge'.

Issue 1, 1999
Issue 3, 1998
Issue 2, 1998
Issue 1, 1998
Winter, 1997