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The 2009 Seymour Lecture in Biography

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The HRC Biography Institute was established in 2005 order to encourage and promote biographical work of various kinds -- including autobiography, memoir, life-writing -- and in various media.

The Institute is located in the Research School of Humanities at the ANU. The Board includes representatives of the Research School of Humanities (Paul Pickering, Chair; Debjani Ganguly, Cameron Hazlehurst); the Australian Dictionary of Biography (Nicholas Brown); the Research School of Social Sciences (Desley Deacon); Australian Book Review (Peter Rose); UTS (Paula Hamilton) and Monash (James Walter).
The Melbourne lectures are convened by the previous Head of the Institute, Ian Donaldson.
Annual Seymour lecturers have been Brenda Niall, Lawrence Goldman, Jill Roe, and Richard Holmes.
The principal aims of the Institute are:
1. To host an annual Seymour Lecture on Biography. The lecture, which has been generously endowed by Dr John Seymour and Dr Heather Munro, will be delivered first in Canberra, and then in at least two other Australian cities.
2. To maintain a regular program of Visiting Fellowships, seminars, and conferences.
3. To develop a Master’s program in relation to this theme, run through the RSH, and to enrol Doctoral candidates working on biographical topics.
4. To encourage biographical projects which employ both traditional and new technologies (print, film, video, web-based, etc.).
5. To work collaboratively with other academic units within the ANU, with national cultural institutions within the ACT, and with other institutions and universities both in Australia and overseas.



Paul Pickering (chair)

Debjani Ganguly

Cameron Hazlehurst

Nicholas Brown

Desley Deacon

Peter Rose

Paula Hamilton

James Walter

Dr Seymour and Dr Munro are invited to assist the Board when it selects an annual Seymour Lecturer, and discusses arrangements for the Seymour Lecture.

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