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CRAHW Dementia Research Endowment »

There is an urgent need for more dementia research. Every 6 minutes someone is diagnosed with dementia in Australia and they may be someone who you know and care about. Dementia is the third leading cause of death in Australia and there is no cure or effective treatment. However, research has shown...

CRAHW Research Endowment »

The Centre for Research on Ageing, Health & Wellbeing (CRAHW) aims to optimise the well-being of individuals and communities through the life course by conducting innovative and translational research and contributing to public policy.  We work in methodological and theoretical traditions drawn...

CRASys Scholarship & Research Endowment »

The CRASys Endowment was established in 1999 to support postgraduate research scholarships for students in the areas of Control Systems, Signal Processing and Telecommunications. This Endowment continues to build and we would welcome further donations to support the fields of engineering and...

CRC LEME Regolith Geoscience Endowment »

This Endowment was established to support scholarships at Honours and postgraduate levels within the disciplinary areas of regolith geosciences.

Creative Leadership in Music Prize »

The purpose of this endowment is to support an annual prize for creative leadership known as the Prize of the Creative Leadership in Music.

Criminology Endowment »

The purpose of this endowment is to support and promote research at the Australian National University in applied criminology.

Crompton Music Endowment »

This Endowment supports a scholarship for a student who shows the requisite level of musical ability and skills to acquire high-level skills on the organ.

Crompton Scholarship Endowment »

Emeritus Professor Robert Cromption, an ANU physicist for over 40 years, and his wife Helen established this Endowment to provide support for outstanding physics students. It allows postgraduate students to attend and present at conferences, both overseas and nationally. Professor Crompton was...

Damian McMahon Clinical Skills Prize »

The prize was created in 2012 in memory of Dr Damian McMahon, Director of Shock Trauma Service at the Canberra Hospital. Dr McMahon was one of the drivers of the development of clinical skills teaching in Canberra beginning with the Canberra Clinical School of the University of Sydney and...

Daphne Olive Memorial Prize in Theory »

The Daphne Olive Prize is awarded each year to the student who achieves the best result in Legal Theory in the College of Law.

David Adams Prize »

The David Adams Prize is awarded to students at the undergraduate level in the areas of political science and international relations.

David Campbell Prize »

The David Campbell Prize is designed to develop and foster future Australian historians. The Prize is awarded to undergraduate and postgraduate students who submit the best piece of written work in the field of Australia history.

Dennis Griffin Scholarships »

These scholarships were established through a bequest in 2005 in memory of Dennis Griffin. The Dennis Griffin Scholarship supports a national piano scholarship and a national composition scholarship. The Dennis Griffin Scholarships continues to build and we would welcome further donations to...

Development Policy Centre Endowment »

The Development Policy Centre (Devpolicy) is a think tank providing a unique Australian and regional meeting place for researchers and those in the government and non-government sectors working in aid and development policy. From the start the Development Policy Centre has had three focus areas:...

Dewar Milne Prize in Immunology »

The Dewarmilne Prize is awarded annually for the most outstanding PhD thesis submitted in the field of immunology in the John Curtin School of Medical Research (JCSMR). This Prize continues to build and we would welcome further donations to support the study of immunology at ANU.

Diabetes Research Endowment »

Diabetes represents a significant and growing world-wide health issue with the annual international market for diabetes therapeutics nearing $30 billion. Beta Therapeutics Pty Ltd, an ANU spin-off company, was founded to drive the commercial development of a diabetes treatment based on ANU research...

Dickins Scholarship in Engineering »

This scholarship was established by Glenn Dickins, a graduate of the ANU Engineering Department and a former ANU scholarship holder. The Glenn Dickins scholarship supports postgraduate research in the area of Signal Processing and/or Telecommunications.

Difficult Birds Research Group Endowment »

The purpose of the Endowment is to support conservation research conducted by the Difficult Birds Research Group (DBRG) into endangered and future-endangered Australian birds, with specific focus on rare and highly mobile species that are difficult to study. The research will focus on: (i) the...

Ditchley Conferences »

The Ditchley Foundation is a British organisation which promotes international relations. The Foundation hosts through annual conferences on matters of international interest to an audience drawn from senior levels of politics, media, business and academia from around the world. ANU nominates...

Dorothy Cameron Prize »

This Prize was established through a bequest in 2004 to provide publication subsidies for students wishing to publish academic papers in archaeology and palaeoanthropology. The Dorothy Cameron Prize encourages students to make the effort to publish work deserving of publication. This Prize...

Duffield Chair In Astronomy »

This Endowment was established in 1999 in honour of the first Director of the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics (RSAA), Professor W. Geoffrey Duffield. The Endowment supports the Chair in Astronomy at the RSAA and we would welcome further donations to support the field of astronomy and...

Earth Sciences Future Fund  »

The Research School of Earth Sciences is internationally renowned for excellence in research and education. The Earth Sciences Future Fund Endowment will create opportunities for the next generation of scientists. We aim to build on our stellar international reputation and bring together some of...

Earth Sciences Future Fund - Field Education »

An essential part of the education program in Earth Sciences is field work. Students acquire core skills in geological field observation, mapping, geophysical, geochemical, mathematical and petrological skills. They also learn the fundamentals of problem solving, team work and report writing. It is...

Earth Sciences Future Fund - Geological Collections »

This fund assists with maintaining our geological collections. Our precious rocks, minerals, meteorites and fossils are valuable teaching and research tools. Your support ensures that students and researchers have access to these collections.  

Earth Sciences Future Fund - Research Fellowships »

Research is central to everything that ANU Earth Sciences does, shaping our educational experience and addressing the fundamental questions about the nature of the Earth and its environment. This research fellowship will support young scientists build a career with real impact. Without a...

Earth Sciences Future Fund - Scholarships »

This Endowment provides opportunities for international and Australian students to access one of the top-ranked Earth and Marine Sciences programs in the world. Without a scholarship, I would not have been able to take the risk of moving across the world to do a PhD. I am extremely fortunate to...

East Asia Forum Endowment »

East Asia Forum was founded in mid-2008 with the aim of creating a global intellectual commons that would make a genuine difference to the effectiveness and quality of policy making in Asia and the Pacific. We continue to work hard to fulfil this mission. The success of East Asia Forum is...

Economic History Fellowship »

This Endowment was established in 2000 to support visiting fellows and their research programs in the Research School of Economics. This Endowment continues to build and we would welcome further donations.

EE Tory Endowment »

The Ethel Elizabeth Tory Endowment was established through a bequest in 2003 to support academic positions in drama and language. The Endowment also supports a student scholarship for the study of languages internationally. This endowment continues to build and we would welcome further donations to...

Elspeth Young Indigenous Endowment »

The Elspeth Young Endowment provides financial support to Indigenous Australians through annual scholarships to students enrolled at the undergraduate and postgraduate level of all academic disciplines and courses at ANU.