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There are many causes that need your support. If you can't decide, please make a general donation.

Tom Rhymes Tech Devel Award »

Tom Rhymes was a talented PhD student who studied at the Research School of Physics and Engineering during the 1970s. Following a successful career in the United States, Tom returned from the Hewlett Packard Research laboratories in California to ANU to become Head of the Electronics Unit, then...

Transformation Of Communist Systems Project »

This Endowment was established by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The overall objectives of the endowment is to promote research, academic discourse and training in the area of political, economic & social transformation of communist and post-communist systems. The endowment also...

Victorian Central Highlands Research Fund »

David Lindenmayer and his team of highly skilled young scientists have been working in the Mountain Ash forests of Victoria for more than 32 years. A key focus of the work has been on the Critically Endangered Leadbeater's Possum - a species largely confined to Mountain Ash forests. David...

Vis and Anjeli Nathan Scholarship »

This Endowment was established in memory of Anjeli Nathan and Vis Nathan to support students studying Anthropology and/or Philosophy.  We encourage further donations to ensure better support of these two fields of study at ANU.

Visiting Fellows Research Endowment »

This Endowment was established in 2000 to support visiting fellows and their research programs within the Philosophy Program of the Research School of Social Sciences. This endowment continues to build and we would welcome further donations to support this field of study at ANU.

W.E.H Stanner Endowment »

This Endowment was set up in memory of William Stanley, a Anthropologist focussing on Indigenous Australians. The Endowment supports the purchase of items for the Stanner Ethnographic collection, maintains the collection and provide research grants to graduate students for research activities as...

Wanda Henry Scholarship in Photonics »

Wanda Henry was an outstanding scholar and researcher in photonics at ANU and the Wanda Henry Scholarship is a permanent tribute to her contributions to the university – both academically and socially. The scholarship is designed to not only assist students in their study of photonics, but to give...

Whitworth Roach Classical Music Competition Endowment »

The purpose of this Endowment is to support the Historical Classical Music Performance Competition which will incorporate three prizes, one people’s choice and funding to engage a visiting artist to attend and perform a concert for the ACT community; to conduct master classes and to judge the music...

Wilkinson Prize »

This Prize was established in 2007 in honour of the late Mr Graham Wilkinson. An annual Prize is awarded to a student who demonstrates outstanding performance in the Medical Program at the ANU Medical School. This Prize continues to build and we would welcome further donations to encourage...

William K Fullagar Prize »

The purpose of this endowment it to award the William K Fullagar Prize for Classical Studies.

Winifred Burston Endowment »

This Endowment was established through donations by Winifred Burston's students. The Winifred Burston Endowment provides a Prize to the most outstanding piano student within the School of Music.

WP Packard Prize »

The William Packard Prize was established to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Department of Geography. The Prize was named after its longest standing member of staff, William Packard. The Prize is awarded annually to the student who, during the two years preceding the Prize, achieves the best...

Yuill Scholarship »

The Yuill Scholarship supports current students or recent graduates of the ANU College of Law to undertake the highly prestigious International Court of Justice Traineeship Program, the principal United Nations court for resolving disputes between states, at The Hague. The Scholarship will...