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Your gift to ANU can support higher education opportunities for talented students regardless of their background, cutting-edge research, and the attraction of the finest minds in the world. Find out which causes you can support to make a difference.

There are many causes that need your support. If you can't decide, please make a general donation.

School of Culture, History and Language - History Endowment  »

The History Endowment supports an annual prize to outstanding students enrolled in History and provides a small research grant for field research.

School of Demography Research Endowment »

This Endowment was established through a donation from ACSPRI (a consortium of 31 universities and 10 federal and state government agencies). The Endowment supports summer and winter programs which attract students nationally and are the only training programs of their type in the southern...

Sir John Grenfell Crawford Chair in Agricultural Economics »

This Endowment commemorates Sir John's major contribution to the University as Professor, Director, Vice-Chancellor and Chancellor and supports a Chair in Agricultural Economics in the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies.

Sir William Dobell Chair of Art History »

This Chair was established in 1982, to honour the celebrated Australian artist, Sir William Dobell.  The Chair in Art History at ANU, to be involved in both teaching and research roles. This Chair continues to build and we would welcome donations from those wishing to support Visual Arts at ANU.

Social Sciences Survey Endowment »

The purpose of this endowment is to support and promote domestic and international research based collaborations linked to large and long term survey collections such as the Australian Election Society (AES) and World Values Survey (WVS). Support will also be provided for attendance at National and...

Stanley Melbourne Bruce Endowment »

The Lord Stanley Melbourne Bruce Endowment was established through a bequest from the former Prime Minister and Chancellor of ANU. The Endowment is used 'for research relating to the application of science to industry in Australia', the word 'science' includes the social sciences. The Endowment has...

Stephen & Helen Wurm Endowment »

The Stephen and Helen Wurm Endowment was established through a bequest in 2006, both Stephen and Helen Wurm were Senior Fellows at the ANU. Dr Stephen Wurm was a talented linguistics who held a deep interest in the study of the languages of New Guinea. The Stephen and Helen Wurm Endowment supports...

Stephen Procter Endowment for Glass »

This Endowment was established in 2001 in memory of the late Stephen Proctor, an international glass artist. The travel and experience of other cultures was important to Stephen and this Endowment forges a valuable link with the ANU and other glass communities around the world. The Stephen Proctor...

Student Managed Fund  »

Finance students at ANU now have the chance to gain real-world experience in managing an investment fund, and earn course credit at the same time, with the Student Managed Fund. The Fund is administrated by the ANU Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics, and enables students...

Technology Development Endowment »

Help us convert cutting edge physics research into commercial opportunities. Proceeds from the Technology Development Endowment fund will support the translation of Research School of Physics and Engineering (RSPE) research into commercial outcomes. RSPE has been highly successful in its commercial...

The Ball Strategic Endowment  »

The Ball Strategic Endowment marks the career of Professor Desmond Ball, ANU Special Professor of Strategic Studies, 1987 – 2013. Professor Ball’s research, writing, teaching and advisory work has made an indelible mark on Australian defence policy, global strategic thinking and the security...

The Centre for Personalised Immunology Endowment »

The principal objective of the Centre for Personalised Immunology is to understand pathophysiological pathways in patients presenting with immunological disease, in order to make diagnoses more accurate, and treatment more effective.

The Lesslie Endowment »

One of Australia’s leading geographers and natural resources scientists and his family have established an endowment to help promote sustainable management of the nation’s natural landscape. The Lesslie Endowment recognises the contributions to landscape conservation and ecology by Dr Rob Lesslie,...

The Studio Endowment Scholarship »

The Studio Endowment was established in 2008 to assist an emerging artist undertaking Honours in painting. The Endowment supports a painting student who has been accepted into Honours, who shows significant promise, imagination and originality. 

Transformation Of Communist Systems Project »

This Endowment was established by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The overall objectives of the endowment is to promote research, academic discourse and training in the area of political, economic & social transformation of communist and post-communist systems. The endowment also...

Victorian Central Highlands Research Fund »

David Lindenmayer and his team of highly skilled young scientists have been working in the Mountain Ash forests of Victoria for more than 32 years. A key focus of the work has been on the Critically Endangered Leadbeater's Possum - a species largely confined to Mountain Ash forests. David...

Visiting Fellows Research Endowment »

This Endowment was established in 2000 to support visiting fellows and their research programs within the Philosophy Program of the Research School of Social Sciences. This endowment continues to build and we would welcome further donations to support this field of study at ANU.

W.E.H Stanner Endowment »

This Endowment was set up in memory of William Stanley, a Anthropologist focussing on Indigenous Australians. The Endowment supports the purchase of items for the Stanner Ethnographic collection, maintains the collection and provide research grants to graduate students for research activities as...