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Your gift to ANU can support higher education opportunities for talented students regardless of their background, cutting-edge research, and the attraction of the finest minds in the world. Find out which causes you can support to make a difference.

There are many causes that need your support. If you can't decide, please make a general donation.

Acsys Scholarship Endowment »

This Scholarship was established in 1999 by the Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Computational Systems (ACSys). The scholarship supports postgraduate research students studying advanced computational systems. This Scholarship continues to build and we would welcome further donations to...

ACTEW/ActewAGL Endowment »

ActewAGL Endowment was established to support the awarding of PhD scholarships and research programs relating to renewable energy and water sustainability.

ACTION Trust Scholarships »

The ACTION Trust Scholarship awards two annual scholarships to students enrolled in Honours in any field to assist them with continuing their studies.

Al-Maktoum Foundation Endowment »

The Al-Maktoum Endowment was established in 2000 to provide support to the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies at ANU. This includes the building of the Centre, and also through supporting academic positions and scholarships. This Endowment continues to build and we would welcome further donations...

Alexander McTaggart Memorial Endowment »

The Scholarship was established in 1970 in memory of Alexander McTaggart. The Scholarship supports a student in each year which displays the most promise in cancer research and allied studies at ANU. The Scholarship continues to build and we would welcome further donations to support cancer...

Anderson-Yamanaka Endowment  »

This fund provides broad support to students including activities such as research, awards, scholarships and travel support in Japanese Law and or Pacific Studies.

Anjeli Nathan Scholarship »

The Anjeli Nathan Memorial Scholarship was established in 2000 by Vis and Elizabeth Nathan in memory of their daughter. Anjeli was an ANU Alumna and was awarded a University Medal in botany and zoology in 1998.  As such, the scholarship is designed to support and encourage students who share Anjeli...

Anthony and Barbara Brookman Forestry Education and Research Endowment »

This Endowment was established in 2007 to provide a scholarship for  students studying forestry development and management. This Endowment continues to build and we would welcome further donations to support this field of study at ANU.

ANU Alumni Honours Scholarship »

The ANU Alumni Honours Scholarship supports students individually and also helps to partner programs that have been established with the Smith Family, Country Education Foundation and St Vincent de Paul.

ANU Chinese Language Scholarships »

The ANU Chinese Language Scholarship was established in 2001 to provide an annual scholarship tot he student who achieves the best overall result in the course Modern Chinese 2. This Scholarship continues to build and we would welcome further donations to encourage excellence in Chinese at ANU.

ANU Cricket Club Scholarship »

The ANUCC Scholarship supports talented cricketers from regional areas to study at ANU. At ANUCC, we believe sport and Club membership can enhance University experience and career outcomes. The scholarship, valued at $5,000, will next be awarded in 2018. Your support will help to sustain this...

ANU Regional Access Scholarship »

Accessing higher education is often difficult and sometimes unattainable for students living in regional or remote Australia. Financial and geographic barriers mean that many deserving students are not able to afford living and studying away from home. Their desire to learn, engage and make a...

ANU Sport Scholarships Fund »

Sport encourages many of the qualities that should define an ANU graduate such as loyalty, determination,  passion and the striving for excellence. It should form an important part of educational life, and is an important addition to the array of academic scholarships offered by ANU. Sports can...

Asia and the Pacific Travel Grant  »

Many of our current and former students tell us that the most rewarding part of their time at ANU, beyond the formal learning experience, is the opportunity for localised learning experiences in Asia and the Pacific. We have observed that in-country time leads not just to better language skills,...

Asian Studies Association of Australia »

The Asian Studies Association of Australia Endowment was established in 1998 to encourage and reward excellence in Asia. The Endowment endeavours to do this through supporting a distinguished scholar and awarding two prizes; one to a PhD student whose PhD thesis accepted by ANU focuses on Asia or...

Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences Fund »

The Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences Fund supports students undertaking a Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences degree at The Australian National University.   The degree is an elite, research-focused undergraduate program designed to attract exceptional students who wish to pursue advanced studies in...

Bassett-Downs Glass Scholarship »

The Bassett-Downs Scholarship supports an Honours or Masters level student studying glass studies within the ANU School of Art. The successful winner will submit one piece of glasswork to the Bassett-Downs Glass Collection.

Baudin French Scholarship »

The Baudin Scholarship was established by the French Government in 1999 and was named after the famous French navigator who explored Australian waters. The Scholarship supports Honours level students who travel to France for study.

Ben Williams Endowment »

The purpose of this Endowment is to assist undergraduate and postgraduate students with special difficulties such as, but not exclusively related to, mental illness, disability or family issues to continue and complete their studies. Scholarships awarded to students in any discipline within the ANU...

Bernard Wheelahan Latin American Endowment »

The purpose of this Endowment is to award a scholarship to students who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Latin American Studies program at the Australian National Centre for Latin American Studies, ANU College Art and Social Sciences. This scholarship will be awarded to assist students spending...

Bhati Family Endowment »

The Bhati Family Endowment at ANU aims to help create a better understanding and knowledge of Australia in India and of India in Australia. To achieve this aim, since 2010 the Endowment has supported the Bhati Family India Travel Grant for ANU students who are undertaking research for which they...

Bhavita Patel Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment »

The Bhavita Patel Scholarship is a transformative scholarship established to commemorate ANU alumna and treasured Deloitte employee, Bhavita Patel. Bhavita died in January 2017 after an incident in Melbourne's CBD. She had a passion for learning and a deep commitment to the community. Thus, The...

Bobbie Fenner Scholarship  »

The Bobbie Fenner Scholarship was established in 2002 to honour the late Bobbie Fenner. The Scholarship provides accommodation for students studying the PhB(Hons) degree at ANU.

Bok Scholarship Endowment »

This Endowment was established in 1997 in honour of the late Professor Bart J. Bok, a former Director of the Mount Stromlo and Siding Springs Observatories. The Endowment supports an annual Honours scholarship for students intending to study astrophysics at Honours level at ANU. The Bok Honours...

Boswell Technologies Endowment »

This Endowment supports PhD student's travel and top up scholarship support in the area of experimental space plasma applications.

Broom Scholarship in Social Science Research »

The Leonard Broom Scholarships were established by the University from funds endowed by Emeritus Professor Leonard Broom to support programs at NCEPH that serve Indigenous Australians. The Scholarship is intended to enable Indigenous Australian students to undertake a higher degree or other...

Bruce Chappell Endowment »

For over forty years Professors Bruce Chappell and Allan White made significant scientific contributions in understanding the compositional variations and origins of granitic rocks. Professor Allan White was a member of the Geology Department at ANU from 1960 to 1971.He was an undergraduate student...

Bruce Hall Bursaries Endowment »

The Bruce Hall Bursaries Endowment provides accommodation bursaries to undergraduate students wishing to live on campus.

Burgmann Charles Price Endowment »

The Burgmann Charles Price Endowment provides an annual scholarship to a recent or first generation migrant, regional and/or Indigenous student who is a resident of Burgmann College. The Endowment also provides support for an annual event that supports Burgmann residents in the ongoing Developing...

Burton & Garran Hall Endowment - Scholarships »

For over 50 years Burton, Garran, and Burton & Garran (B&G) Halls have provided opportunities for students to learn and grow in a supported residential environment.  B&G is an all-inclusive community, full of opportunity, interaction and diversity. It is the interaction between peers,...