The ANU Fund

The ANU Fund aims to have an immediate impact on the University community by supporting priority initiatives that focus on students, staff and alumni, and upholding the University’s reputation as a world-leader in research.

A committee, chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) and representing ANU staff, students, alumni and donors, meets every year to disburse The ANU Fund based upon its fundamental goal, of immediate and broad-based impact to the ANU Community,

In line with the priorities of ANU and its Case for Support, future disbursement decisions will be guided by the following priority areas:

  1. Education for all - ANU is leading national change in revolutionising university admissions, scholarships and accommodation and treating students as more than their ATAR. ANU needs support to ensure that, if students are offered a place at ANU, they can relocate and support themselves without working full-time during their studies.
  2. Transformative research - The best research ideas at ANU have come from researchers who thrive in the supportive, interdisciplinary and collaborative environment of the University. ANU will extend this experience to provide the world's best early-career researchers with a springboard that only ANU can provide.
  3. Advancing our society - The ANU vision is to provide opportunity for disciplines to combine, with distinguished visitors from outside, to gather evidence and conduct high-quality research, and deliver policy programs that create real change in the world.

Donors can specify a preference for where their donation is directed. The ANU Fund Disbursement Committee will take these preferences into account when they distribute money donated.


Thanks to the generosity of the ANU community more than $280,000 was donated between 2014-2016. The ANU Fund was disbursed in July 2017 to the following areas:

Accelerating Career Preparedness

This project aims to actively engage industry partners, governmental institutions and local traditional custodians in developing new internship and employment opportunities for graduates from the School of Archaeology and Anthropology. This project is aligned with the University's strategic aspiration of providing more work-integrated learning. Funding will support: a part-time Internship Program Officer; initial setup costs for course programs; and initial setup costs for the internship.

ANU Science Global Learning Program

This program will enable overseas learning opportunities for College of Science students. The Program aims to support 200 students per year by 2021 to complete part of their award through learning abroad. This program aligns with the societal transformation elements of the University's strategic plan, building on existing activities and drawing them together. The ANU Fund is contributing directly to the support of participating students.

Creating ANU Grand Challenge Scholars

This is an exciting initiative to provide scholarships for ANU students engaged in the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Grand Challenge Scholars Program (GCSP) to undertake new and novel experiences and activities linked to their individual GCSP plan.

Curriculum Evaluation for Student Wellbeing

This addresses a clear area of student need and will develop an online self-evaluation tool for course convenors, assessing the extent to which a particular course promotes student wellbeing.

Demos Journal

This program has the potential for very broad impact and will expand the reach of the journal, up-skill current volunteers, and make the journal sustainable for future generations of ANU students. The ANU Fund will assist with enhancing the Demos website, publishing a print edition of the Demos anthology, and running internal training workshops.

Developing Essay Writing Practice

This program aims to enhance law student wellbeing by targeting two commonly identified stressors: lack of confidence in legal writing and research skills; and alienation of students' personal values from the study of law. The ANU Fund is supporting two workshops, delivered to 100 students over two weeks.

Digital Scholarship Lab - 3D Facility

ANU will install 3D printing technology in the University Library, enabling students to print models to enhance their educational experience. The addition of this facility to the library makes this technology available to the wider student population.

Online Skills Training in Business and Economics

This program aims to improve the employability and work readiness of its graduates through access to online skills training. The program will also to support research into the uptake and perceived benefits of the training to participating students. This pilot program will have a positive impact on a large group of students, with the potential for integration into the formal curriculum. Funding supports: access to GoSkills website; research assistant support; focus group transcriptions; and incentives for focus group participants.

School to Tertiary Outreach Mentoring Program (STOMP)

STOMP is a mentoring support program that pairs community ambassadors from Griffin Hall with refugee-status students from Dickson College. This project promises concrete impact beyond ANU and does so in a way that benefits current and future students. The ANU Fund is supporting: branding; events costs; training of community ambassadors; and merchandise for Dickson College students.

Tjabal Student WIPCE Project

This is a project to enable four Indigenous students to attend the World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education, in Toronto, Canada. This project represents an important global opportunity, further enabling the development of Indigenous leadership. Funds supported return airfares for students taking part in this program.

Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships

This funding will go towards an RTP scholarship for an indigenous student. It seeks to meet an immediate need to provide additional support for indigenous students, competitive with other Australian Universities, that provides the additional funding needed for accommodation and living expenses, including connections with families that are important for successful completions.

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