Development Policy Centre Endowment

Priority area: 

The Development Policy Centre (Devpolicy) is a think tank providing a unique Australian and regional meeting place for researchers and those in the government and non-government sectors working in aid and development policy.

From the start the Development Policy Centre has had three focus areas: Australian aid, PNG and the Pacific, and Global development policy.

Australian aid has increased from $1.5 billion in 1999 to over $5 billion today. Aid at this level cannot continue to be a policy sleeper. To support an effective aid increase, we need the research, discussion and debate to show where aid is working, where it’s not, and why.

PNG and the Pacific, like aid, is an issue that receives all too little attention in Australia. Yet it is the one area of the world where we can make a difference. And it is a region that matters to us. This is obvious for PNG, which is both bigger than NZ, and much closer to us. Economic analysis of the region has traditionally been a  strength of the Crawford School, and we hope to build on that tradition.

Global development policy is a broader, less well-defined area, focusing on policies of rich countries which influence development outcomes in poor ones.

We are seeking support for our ongoing research and analysis as well as support for a program of research into gender-based violence in PNG. As other research priorities are identified they will continue to add these options to the list of projects which require support.

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