Student Projects Fund for Engineering and Computer Science Innovation

Priority area: 

With the combined capacity of the Research School of Engineering and Research School of Computer Science, The College of Engineering and Computer Science are at the leading edge within numerous fields, including logic, algorithms and data, signal processing, artificial intelligence, computer vision and robotics, computational mechanics, materials, fabrication, big software systems, energy, networked systems and quantum cybernetics.

The Student Projects Fund will enhance the university experience for students and empower them to undertake internships and projects which will encourage them to develop leadership, business and hands-on technical skills. There are a number of existing opportunities within the College for students to develop these skills. Some of the student projects that your donation could support are:

  • The World Solar Challenge
  • Engineers Without Borders
  • Robogals

The donation will be allocated to the student project that needs it most. Your support will allow students to follow their passions and develop a unique set of tools and experiences that will serve them well in the future and set them up for a successful career.

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