2016 Phone Appeal

On 5 September, ANU commenced its third telephone appeal. Spanning six weeks, the student calling program gave alumni the opportunity to speak with students who love to share their personal stories, give updates about what's happening on campus, seek feedback on events and communications, explore ways to stay meaningfully connected to ANU, and encourage participation in The ANU Fund.

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Students First

The ANU Fund - Students First will enhance and consolidate the exceptional ANU student experience by supporting scholarships, prizes, opportunities for professional development as well as helping students experiencing financial hardship.

Research & Discovery

The ANU Fund - Research & Discovery will support students and staff by providing seed funding for the exploration of new and innovative ideas. Research is central to everything ANU does, shaping our educational experience and our contribution to national and international policy debate.

Innovative Learning

The ANU Fund - Innovative Learning supports the development of dynamic learning environments including virtual classrooms, additional library resources, teaching equipment, and faculty professional development.

Campus Life

The ANU Fund - Campus Life will support initiatives for the ANU community which foster the University's role as a cultural and intellectual hub for Canberra, the ACT and the nation. From community-based projects to student societies, cultural events on campus and environmental initiatives; ANU is not only developing the brightest minds in the nation - it is creating the best citizens for Australia.

Konzo prevention

Konzo is a neurological disease that attacks mainly young women and children, quite suddenly, causing irreversible paralysis of the legs. The cause of this disease is malnutrition and consumption of high levels of a poisonous cyanide compound found in cassava, a staple food for over 600 million people in tropical Africa. ANU researchers discovered a simple method to remove the cyanide compound found in cassava and prevent konzo. ANU has partnered with local health authorities to teach this method to village women. Konzo has now been prevented in 16 villages. Your gift will directly support educational programs to teach African communities to implement this life changing discovery.