Giving Day - Let Every Story Be Heard

1 September 2017

ANU Giving Day 2017 - 25 October 

To be human is to have a story. As the national university, ANU is responsible for supporting our community of researchers and students in developing and constructing their own stories, which shape the nation's future.

Giving Day is about bringing people together to support individuals in achieving their potential, and exploring new ideas and new ways of thinking. This year we will be asking for support for two projects: an indigenous volume of the Australian Dictionary of Biography (ADB) and a refugee access and support program.

Stories waiting to be told

The ADB showcases stories of Australians who have played an important role in the history of the country. However, stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been significantly underrepresented in the ADB. This project wants to fulfil the foundational purpose as custodian to the national identity by including Indigenous Australians. The ADB is working with and receiving significant guidance from Indigenous scholars, researchers, and communities to produce over 100 biographies for an initial Indigenous volume of the dictionary.

Stories waiting to unfold

ANU is committed to providing support for all students in need. A Refugee Support Program is in development, which will offer tailored support to individual refugee students. This accompanies a Humanitarian Scholarship, to support refugee students on a temporary visa, and the STOMP Program, where Griffin Hall students mentor and work with refugee students at Dickson College. These programs combined offer access and support to ensure a smooth transition and an improved positive experience for refugee students at ANU.


ANU Giving Day 2017 Results

Last year's Giving Day supported two projects:

1.    An Indigenous volume of the Australian Dictionary of Biography (ADB), and

2.    Refugee access and support program.

We raised $46,820 for these projects!

ANU Giving Day 2018 is on Wednesday, 3 October and is supporting scholarships for rural and regional students. Find out more about this year's Giving Day.


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