Giving from overseas

The Australian National University has developed a number of relationships in order to assist international donors wanting to donate to ANU.

UK residents

If you live in the UK, donations can be made to the ANU (UK) Foundation.  In doing so please consider the additional advantages of UK Gift Aid for the donation. Information can be found on the ANU (UK) Foundation webpage. 

USA residents

If you live in the USA, please consider making your gift to the ANU Foundation USA.  By doing so you will receive full USA tax advantages and a tax-deductible receipt for your donation. 

Canadian residents

ANU has been recognised as a prescribed foreign university under section 3503 of the Canadian Income Tax Regulations. ANU has been added as of January 1, 2011 to Schedule VIII of the Regulations by Order-in-Council P.C 2012-1330. A donation made by a Canadian donor at any time in the year of recognition or later, can be claimed against the taxable income for that year under subparagraph 110.1(1) (a) (vi) and paragraph 118.1 (1)(f) of the Canadian Income Tax Act.

If you live in Canada, you are able to support ANU the same way as in Australia.  Please make your donation online and receive full Canadian tax advantages for the donation. 

All grants from the ANU (UK) Foundation/ANU Foundation USA require endorsement from ANU. Any ANU Colleges, Departments, or Units seeking philanthropic funding support through the ANU (UK) Foundation/ANU Foundation USA need to contact Alumni Relations & Philanthropy to have requests reviewed and submitted.

Please contact Norm Bradshaw, Associate Director - Philanthropy.

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