ANU Giving Day

Give more than a degree - Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Giving Day is about bringing people together to support individuals achieve their potential. This Giving Day you can help talented students from rural and regional areas attend ANU.

Thank you to the 432 supporters who have helped raise $86,037.
This means we can fund 17 scholarships for rural and regional students.

There is still time to contribute - if we can
raise $100,000 we'll be able to fund 20 scholarships.

Giving Day 2018 - A message from scholarship students

Support rural and regional students and give more than a degree

Scholarships give students the freedom to choose their university experience and the freedom to shape their education.

Without the necessity of juggling multiple jobs with full-time study, students have more time to study, pursue their interests and get more than a degree.

Rural and regional students face greater relocation costs to a city where they might not have any networks to rely on. By supporting these scholarships, you’ll help with the expensive move to Canberra and support students to focus on their studies and other opportunities that come their way.

“The difference that having a scholarship makes to my life is that I can actually come to university.” – Matthew, rural and regional scholarship recipient.

“I can do things around campus, I can volunteer and I can take all these opportunities that don’t exist in rural Australia.” – Seraina, rural and regional scholarship recipient.

Donate on Giving Day - Wednesday 3 October, and give students more than a degree.

Seraina Elia
Zoe Turner
Matt Shepphard
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