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Peter Drahos
Regulatory Institutions Network (RegNet)


2007 CGKD Working Paper Series

Drahos, P 'Trust me: Patent offices in developing countries' CGKD Working Paper, November 2007, [forthcoming publication] American Journal of Law and Medicine


2005 CGKD Working Paper Series

Drahos, P 'An Alternative Framework for the Global Regulation of Intellectual Property Rights' CGKD Working Paper, October 2005, 1–32, [forthcoming publication] Austrian Journal of Development Studies

Lokuge, B & Drahos, P 'Patent monopolies, pandemics and antiviral stockpiles: Things that developing and developed countries can do', CGKD Working Paper, August 2005, 1-15


Staff, students and associates of CGKD frequently publish their research as part of a Working Papers series.

These publications are intended to stimulate discussion in a topical area and authors actively seek feedback and comments.

Working papers can be downloaded for free and wide distribution is encouraged. Citations should include full publication details listed below.