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Presentations 2006

Invited Speaker and Resource Person at the, Asia Dialogue on WTO Dispute Settlement and Sustainable Development, ICTSD, Jakarta, Indonesia, 25-26 January 2006

KeyNote Speaker: ‘IP and the Knowledge Commons ’, Talk at the Politics and Ideology of Intellectual Property Conference, Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue, March 20-21, 2006 , Brussels .

Invited Paper Giver: ‘Patent Administration and Developing Countries’, Paper at the Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute in the IP and Globalization series, 23 March 2006 , London .

Invited Commentator on the work of Doctoral Students at the 2nd EIPIN Meeting, Zurich , 31 March-1April 2006.

Keynote Speaker, Asian Conference on the Digital Commons, Bangkok, Thailand, International Development Research Centre, Canada, June 6-8, 2006

Invited participant to a workshop, Digital Life of Consumers, organized by the Australian Consumers Association, 4 July 2006 , Sydney .

‘International trends in IP research’, paper given at 2006 IP Academics Conference, Sydney, 7-8, July 2006.

Invited Paper, ‘Freedom and Diversity: A Defence of the Intellectual Commons’, Unlocking IP Conference, University of New South Wales, Sydney, 10-11 July 2006.

Plenary Address, ‘WTO, Free Trade Agreements and Access to Medicines’ at the Annual Australasian Society for HIV Medicine Conference, 13 October 2006 , Melbourne .

Talk at the International Policy Session, ‘Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines: What Should Australia Be Doing?’ at the Annual Australasian Society for HIV Medicine Conference, 14 October 2006 , Melbourne .

‘Governance of the European Patent System: A Separation of Powers Approach’ paper and presentation at Scientific and Technological Options Assessment Committee’s Workshop on Policy Options for the European Patent System, European Parliament, Brussels, November 9th 2006.

Invited speaker, at the EDGE IT/IP Workshop, 23 November 2006 , University of Ottawa, Ottawa .

Invited Speaker at the inaugural Annual General Meeting of the Emerging Dynamic Global Economies Network, University of Ottawa , Ottawa , Canada , 24 October 2006 .

Presentations 2005

Attended as an Observer on the Australian Delegation the meeting of the Intellectual Property Expert’s Group at APEC, 23-25 Feburary, 2005, Seoul , Korea . Delivered a talk at the invitation of the IPEG Chair to APEC delegates on patent administration in developing countries.

Invitation only Workshop: The Bilateral Web of Trade Dispute Settlement, presented at the WTO Dispute Settlement and Developing Countries: Use, Implications, Strategies, Reforms, University of Wisconsin , Madison , May 20-21, 2005.

Invitation only Workshop: ‘Winning Battles, Losing the War: Lessons for the Weak from the Negotiations over the Doha Declaration on TRIPS and Public Health’, presented at Trade Negotiation and Developing Countries: The Doha Round, International Workshop, Griffith University , Brisbane , August 12-13, 2005 .

Invited Speaker and Resource Person at Asian Regional Workshop on Bilateral Free Trade Agreements, Third World Network, 26-28 August 2005, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: IP and Development, and implications of FTAs as a forum for IP Negotiations; Australia-US FTA: Lessons from Australia and the implications for the generic drug industry; and Dispute Settlement in the FTAs.

‘Intellectual Property and Development’, Workshop on the Human Development Report 2005, Organized by the Centre for Governance of Knowledge and Development and United Nations Development Programme, Friday 9 September 2005 , ANU, Canberra .

Invited Speaker: “Development Agenda for IP”, Canada-Australia Comparative IP & Cyberlaw Conference, September 30-October, 2005 , Faculty of Law, Ottawa University , Canada

Invited to act as technical expert for developing countries on intellectual property issues at the Hong Kong Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization, 13-18 December 2005, Hong Kong as a member of the Quaker International Affairs Programme.

Invited Speaker ‘TRIPS and Access to Medicine: The Case of a Possible Avian Flu Pandemic’, Consumers International Roundtable, Friday, December 16, 2005 , NGO Centre at the WTO Hong Kong Ministerial

Invited Speaker: Future of WTO, Conference Organized by International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, the Hong Kong Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization, 13-18 December 2005.





Plenary Address at the Meeting on Free Trade Agreements and Access to Medicines, Bangkok, Thailand, 16 February 2007, organized by the Thai Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturer’s Association.
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Plenary Address at the Tezukayama University Symposium on ‘Directionality of Intellectual Property Education – Intellectual Property Philosophy’, Saji Keizo Memorial Hall, Osaka University Nakanoshima Centre, Osaka , 8 February 2007.
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