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Empirical Regulatory Studies


Publications listed in assending date order.

G. Dukes, J. Braithwaite, J.P. Moloney. Pharmaceuticals, Corporate Crime and Public Health, Cheltenham , Edward Elgar, 2014.

J. Braithwaite, “Transnational Regulation of the Pharmaceutical Industry”, The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, White Collar Crime, 525, 1993, 12-30. (Reprinted in G. Geis, R.F. Meier and L. Salinger eds White-Collar Crime: Classic and Contemporary Views, 3rd Edition, New York Free Press. Reprinted in N. Passas (ed.), Transnational Crime. Aldershot: Ashgate.)

J. Braithwaite, Corporate Crime in the Pharmaceutical Industry, London and Boston, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1984. (Japanese edition, Sanichi Shobo, 1992.) [Out of Print - Manuscript available in pdf]

J. Braithwaite, “The Industries Assistance Commission Draft Report on Pharmaceutical Products”, Medical Journal of Australia, 144, 1986, 259-63.