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Empirical Regulatory Studies

Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)

Publications listed in assending date order.

J. Braithwaite (2013) ‘Strategic socialism, strategic privatisation and crises’, Australian Journal of Corporate Law 28(1), 35-59

J. Braithwaite (2009) ‘Leading from behind with plural regulation’, in Judith Healy & Paul Dugdale (eds.), Patient Safety First, Sydney: Allen & Unwin.

J. Braithwaite, Restorative and Responsive Regulation of OHS. In E. Bluff, N. Gunningham and R. Johnstone (eds), OHS Regulation for a Changing World of Work. Sydney: Federation Press, 2004, 194-208.

J. Braithwaite and B. Fisse, Coke and Cancer at BHP, in P. Grabosky and A. Sutton (eds) Stains on a White Collar, Sydney, Federation Press, 1989.

P. Grabosky and J. Braithwaite, Of Manners Gentle: Enforcement Strategies of Australian Business Regulatory Agencies, Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 1986. [Out of Print - Manuscript available in pdf]

J. Braithwaite , P. Grabosky and B. Fisse, Occupational Health and Safety Enforcement Guidelines: A Report to the Victorian Department of Labour, 1986. [report]

J. Braithwaite, To Punish or Persuade: Enforcement of Coal Mine Safety, Albany, State University of New York Press, 1985. [Out of Print- Manuscript available in pdf]
J. Braithwaite and P. Grabosky, Occupational Health and Safety Enforcement in Australia, Canberra, Australian Institute of Criminology, 1985.

J. Braithwaite and B. Fisse, “Asbestos and Health: A Case of Informal Social Control”, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, 16, 1983, 67-80.

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