Women in the Middle East

Please join us for a discussion about women in the Middle East with some fantastic speakers and topical conversation. The night will focus on issues such as gender roles and women's rights in the various cultures in the Middle East, critiques of the Western perspectives of these women and their role in society.

The speakers:

Jacqueline Sutton's PhD at the ANU is on women journalists in Iraq and Afghanistan, and she has worked considerably in the Middle East with the United Nations.

Huda Al-Tamimi is a lecturer and convenor of the Arabic program at CAIS, and her research includes a study of the changing role of women in Iraqi politics.

Dr Zahra Taheri is a lecturer in Persian Studies at CAIS and her focus is on Iranian women.

The night will feature short presentations by each of the speakers with the opportunity for Q&A. Come along for some great discussion and as always, free sushi. 

We look forward to seeing you there!