This yowling, flailing thing

Presented by ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

This yowling, flailing thing investigates spaces of reproduction and how such spaces might be perceived and imagined. Reproductive spaces are often hidden, interior or private; housed within the protective covering of a body, shell, pod or other casing. Although gestational processes might be evident through the surfaces of these coverings (the swollen abdomen, perhaps, or the intricate cocoon) much of the significant activity of reproductive growth occurs out of sight, hidden away within an interior space.

This yowling, flailing thing is a presentation of my research-in-progress into the imaginative and transitional qualities of these semi-visible generative and gestational spaces of using textile, drawing and digital print. The title of the exhibition is taken from Iris Marion Young's essay Pregnant Embodiment, a text that resonates with the ideas I am exploring in my studio, particularly the ideas of roundness, hidden space, and one organism emerging from within another- or one organism splitting into two.

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