The rules of ruling China

Presented by ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

Understanding the Chinese party-state involves understanding how nearly 90 million people are controlled in a vast bureaucracy. Affecting the behaviour of these people requires a panoply of different rules. Understanding these rules can elucidate for us how the system works.

What are the rules governing how actors work together across the party-state system? Which of these rules are binding? How do rules together affect the behaviour of officials, of organisations, and ultimately, of the party-state as a whole?

Many of these mechanisms that determine how the Chinese political system functions day-to-day remain unclear. This talk will outline the findings of a long-term research project on the rules of the Chinese system that aims to clarify some of these questions.

About the Speaker

Dr Ryan Manuel is a postdoctoral fellow at the Australian Centre on China in the World (CIW) at The Australian National University. He was formerly a political risk analyst, a management consultant with the Boston Consulting Group and a senior China analyst with the Australian government. Ryan was educated at the University of South Australia, the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Peking University and Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar.

For more details, visit his CIW profile here.