The Art of Scholarly Presentation

What is the secret of engaging and memorable presentations of research?

The primary focus of this seminar will be practical: participants will learn a variety of simple and powerful-though largely neglected-techniques that will enhance the effectiveness and elegance of virtually any presentation. But these techniques will all be situated in the frame of a radically new conception of scholarly presentation, so that participants should come away from the workshop not only with an expanded arsenal of skills, but also a fresh perspective on what it means to communicate.

This workshop takes place one day before a closed conference. It is intended for ANU students, professional staff, and researchers, in short all members of the ANU community who are curious to learn how they can improve their presentation skills with a few simple techniques!

Taught by Professor Shigehisa Kuriyama, Harvard Reischauer Institute Professor of Cultural History, who has run workshops on the art of academic presentation in numerous universities in East Asia, North America, and Europe for many years.