Service, Stacks and Scholars: the story of Chifley Library 1968-2018


In February 1968, the extension to the School of General Studies Library (now the J. B. Chifley Library) was completed. This extension doubled the size of the Library, creating the building we know today.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the completion of the J. B. Chifley Library,  there will be an exhibition in Menzies Library, focusing on the people who shaped the space. the building itself, and prominent ANU researchers in the social sciences and humanities over the past fifty years. Come and have a look at the early floor plans for Chifley, find out about the people who influenced its development, and see the scholarly output of the researchers who used it over the years.

There will be a display of Library resources about life in 1960s Australia - music, art, culture, literature, the Vietnam War, politics and fashion. The will also be a display showing Chifley through the years - did you know it used to be half the size it is now? Come along and see how it has changed.

There will also be a display of books that were banned in Australia during the 1960s - around 90 books in the ANU Library's collection were banned or restricted in Australia at the time Chifley was built. Popular (or unpopular, as it were) authors on the banned lists were Henry Miller, the Marquis de Sade and William S. Burroughs. 

Please note the exhibition is being featured in Menzies Library and the exhibition times have slightly changed. The exhibition will be open until 5pm on Friday 9 March and Friday 16 March. The exhibition will no longer be available on Saturday 10 March.