SCaN: Your interplanetary communications and navigation network

Mr Badri Younes is the Deputy Associate Administrator and Program Manager for NASA's Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN). He rejoined NASA in August 2007 in his present position, to be responsible for all of NASA's communications and navigation infrastructure and services, as well as data standards and spectrum. SCaN was established in 2006 to integrate NASA’s fragmented and aging communications and navigation assets and resources into a single cohesive fully integrated network, and to provide affordable much higher data rate and other enabling services to NASA’s human and robotic missions. This includes all of NASA's globally distributed networks, including the Deep Space Network (DSN), the Near Earth Network (NEN), and the Space Network (SN).

Mr Younes’ professional experience spans over twenty-eight years of leadership in microwave and radiofrequency systems engineering and technology. His technical expertise, leadership, interpersonal skills and rich linguistic ability have been instrumental in furthering US objectives both nationally and abroad. Mr Younes entered the Senior Executive Service in September 2001, as the Director of Spectrum Management for the Department of Defense (DoD), in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. For close to six years in the Pentagon, his innovative vision, influential leadership, pioneering ideas and outstanding achievements contributed significantly to America’s national security, international prestige and economic growth. His transformation of the DoD spectrum management was duly recognized in 2005 when he was granted the Presidential Rank Meritorious Award.

Mr Younes is a member of Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society. He holds a Masters in Electronics Engineering from Catholic University of America, and his academic background includes graduate coursework and research in telecommunications, signal processing, and technology.