Retirement security issues in Australia and the United States

Presented by ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

This seminar will compare the current methods of providing retirement security in Australia and the United States. Starting with an examination of the fundamental differences between the two government-sponsored retirement systems, the seminar will examine financial challenges, demographic trends, and policy options available to leaders in both countries. A key goal of the seminar will be to draw lessons from each country's experiences that might help to solve the other country's policy challenges.

Professor Neil H Buchanan teaches tax law and policy at The George Washington University in Washington DC. An economist and a legal scholar, Neil is a Visiting Fellow with the School of Taxation and Business Law at UNSW in January and February 2017. His research focuses on intergenerational aspects of policy questions, especially issues relating to government spending, taxation, and borrowing. He is currently working on a book, What Do We Owe Future Generations?, in which he broadens the focus beyond economic issues to encompass constitutional, environmental, and related questions of justice between generations.

A light lunch will be provided from 12-12.15pm, please register your attendance here