Requiem presented by The Llewellyn Choir

Few choral works have captured the public imagination in the way that Verdi's Requiem has. The uncomplicated directness of his style, his soaring, lyrical melodies and the work's dramatic and emotional intensity, all contribute to the Requiem's status as one of the great icons of Western music.

Best known for his wonderful operas, Verdi poured into the Requiem the same vibrant emotion that thrills opera fans. Indeed, more than a few critics have hailed the Requiem as Verdi's finest opera.

The Llewellyn Choir is one of Canberra's premier choirs and in this performance they are joined by the Llewellyn Sinfonia and four superb soloists:

  • Sonia Anfiloff (soprano)
  • Christina Wilson (mezzosoprano)
  • Christopher Lincoln Bogg (tenor)
  • Jeremy Tatchell (bass)

The performance will be under the baton of Rowan Harvey-Martin.