Re-imagining Engineering and Computer Science


Visit the atrium of the Hedley Bull building to see featured projections of two ANU female leaders who are shining a new light on Engineering and Computer Science. These projections will feature a TEDx Sydney talk delivered by Professor Elanor Huntington and audio excerpts from the 2017 Boyer Lectures delivered by Professor Genevieve Bell. 

Enlighten your mind and learn more about "Why we need engineers now more than ever" and "What it is to be human, and Australian, in a digital world" from these two ANU female leaders. 

Professor Elanor Huntington is the Dean of the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science. She is leading the project to reimagine a new type of engineering and computing at ANU, one that is custom built and fit for the middle of the 21st century.

Professor Genevieve Bell is the Director of the Agency, Autonomy and Assurance (3A) Institute, which aims to build a new applied science around the management of Artificial Intelligence, data, technology and their impact on humanity.  

The re-imagination project is interdisciplinary and is not only STEM-focused. It is about engaging the right people to find and solve problems - not just engineers or computer scientists but the brightest minds both from industry and academia, with varied backgrounds and areas of expertise from Australia and internationally.

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