Post Fact Alternative Truthiness

Presented by ANU College of Health & Medicine and ANU College of Science

Q: What's the difference between Donald Trump and phlogiston?

A: Phlogiston was dismissed when the evidence piled up against it

Is it true that we are now truly post-truth? And if we are, what influence do alternative facts in fact have on us compared to facty facts?

Are we on a one-way, turbo-boosted, death-ride to heck because Donald Trump thinks Fox News is the best source of policy advice?

Maybe we are. If it's true we are living in a post-truth world, what does that mean? What are the results beyond doom-splattered headlines and apoplectic op-eds? But then, what in the hell are we supposed to do about it? What do you do when chunks of the world are being run by people who literally deny things that are right in front of them because they don't like what they see?

How do you grapple with opponents so intellectually slippery they are basically frictionless? Well honestly, we don't know. But we reckon we know so people who might.

That's why for the next Wholesome Show, we've assembled a posse of wildly clever and experienced people to help us make sense of world in which relying on the truth is almost a career-limiting move.

Join us at the Wig and Pen on Thursday**, 20 April at 7.30pm.

**yes, we're playing on Thursday this month