New Ways of Seeing: Using the techniques of Lego Serious Play for improving multi-stakeholder consultations

Presented by ANU College of Business & Economics

Multi-stakeholder partnerships present complex problem identification events long before progress can be made on finding coming ground to attempt problem solving. Initial areas of possible common ground can often provide the greatest challenge – shared words, frameworks and ideas with differing meanings can lead to conflict later in projects through misunderstandings, miscommunications and failure to connect ideas. Our project took the commercial facilitation toolkit of Lego Serious Play, an industry developed technique from the Danish Lego Corporation, and tested the capacity of framework to reduce misunderstanding between groups with disparate goals. Through the use of an experimental design run in Canada, and industry workshops run in Australia, we have found the Lego Serious Play platform to be a valuable asset for establishing problem recognition at the early stages of a project – with a catch.

This seminar will outline our findings on the value of Lego Serious Play for improving shared understanding, the process of identifying successful shared understanding events in progress during group based discussions, and an overview of the Lego Serious Play facilitation technique.