Mexico Joven Australia

The Australian National Centre for Latin American Studies and the Embassy of Mexico present México Joven (Young Mexico) Project.

A refreshing view of contemporary Mexican art, lectures, presentations, debates, workshops presented over four days, 3-6 March 2015.

Presented by Maja Zawierzeniec, PhD, the author of the project,
and Brenda Razo and Hazzel Yen, Mexican contemporary artists

Brenda Razo – painter, photographer and film maker; with vocation for social topics (social wellbeing, gender equality, environmental protection)
Hazzel Yen – poet and vingettist
Maja Zawierzeniec – Mexicanist, cultural promoter


Tuesday 3 March, 1-5pm, The Drawing Room, University House

Cultural relations between Australia & Mexico, and Latin American Studies in Australia
Prof. John Minns, ANCLAS - English
The Embassy of Mexico in Canberra - English

Mexican studies in Poland
Dr. Maja Zawierzeniec - English

Wednesday 4 March, 9am-2.30pm, The Drawing Room, University House

Contemporary Mexican art and the México Joven Project
Dr. Maja Zawierzeniec - Spanish
Presentations of Mexican artists and writers - Spanish

Thursday 5th March, 9am-2.30pm, The Drawing Room, University House

Presentations of specific multicultural projects (“Los confines del arte, el arte de los confines”, “El cosmos y el arte”, “Polonia Imaginada”, etc.) – English/Spanish
Debate on functions of art in the 21st century - English/Spanish

Friday 6 March, 9am-2.30pm, The Drawing Room, University House

Management of cultural projects; Fostering creativity - workshops – English/Spanish