Live reading of Homer’s The Odyssey for Odyssey 24 international performance

Presented by ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

Join the only Australian university – and one of four groups in the southern hemisphere – participating in 'Odyssey 24', an international reading of Homer’s epic 'The Odyssey' across 24 hours, for the European Festival of Latin and Greek.

Students from The ANU Centre for Classical Studies will read Book 19 of 'The Odyssey' in English, with an introduction and conclusion in Ancient Greek. Worldwide, it will be performed in 42 languages by 140 groups.

The performance will begin at 8pm to coincide with all performances across the world, including Lyon, home of the European Festival of Latin and Greek.

Join our readers – alumni and current Honours students Hugo Branley, Elizabeth Koschel, Elle Platt, Emma Steffensen, and Avery Andrews (Linguistics) – for an unforgettable evening to celebrate one of the world’s greatest literary works.

Map of participating countries:

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