Information Warfare in the 21st century: Media jihad, New Cold Wars and fake news

Presented by ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

The propaganda campaigns of violent extremists such as ISIS and al-Qaeda, the messaging and cyberwar efforts of emerging powers in the East, and the rise of so-called “fake news” have placed the issue of understanding and effectively competing in 21st century information warfare at the heart of public, academic and strategic-policy debate.

On behalf of the Department of International Relations, you are invited to join us on Monday 16 October to attend this compelling and topical conference. The registration fee to attend is $25 per person and registration is required.

Speakers from across The Australian National University alongside international experts will examine a range of state and non-state based challenges in the information theatre from violent extremist efforts to radicalise supporters towards violence, Russian and Chinese influence operations in the West and the challenges of a post-truth era for media, government and academia.

This event will be opened by Dr Mathew Davies (Head of the Department of International Relations) and Professor Michael Wesley (CAP Dean) who will introduce the keynote speaker, distinguished Australian journalist Mr Peter Greste.

Please note there is a $25 registration fee.

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