Impact of the Syrian crisis in Lebanon

This year will mark four years since the commencement of the Syrian conflict. Lebanon was one of the first countries to open its borders, providing asylum for Syrian families fleeing the conflict. As Lebanon continues to deal with a growing number of Syrian refugees - numbering over one million - tensions between different sects within Lebanon have reached a critical point. This crisis has been intensified by public services being overwhelmed, the faltering of Lebanon’s economy, as well as the rise of unemployment. Adding to these pressures are the increasing risks posed by armed groups.
In this lecture, Mr Ahmad El Hariri will outline the growing dilemma Lebanon is facing, and discuss the attempts of the Future Movement to address the imminent threats confronting Lebanon at the demographic, economic, social, political and security levels.
Mr Hariri is Secretary General of the Future Movement, a position he has held since 2010. The Future Movement (FM) of Lebanon was founded in 2007 as a secular and liberal movement. It was officially declared a political party on 5 April 2009. FM MPs hold 35 out of 128 seats in the Lebanese Parliament, the largest block with representatives from all regions of Lebanon.
Prior to his current position, Mr Hariri served as General Coordinator of the Youth Sector in the Future Movement and Rapporteur of the Committee of Five (the managerial preparatory committee of the Future Movements’ First Founding Congress).