Free film screening: Bran Nue Dae

As part of recoginising the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Referendum and the University's celebrations for this year's Reconcilation Week, ANU Film Group will be screening the 2009 Australian musical comedy-drama film, Bran Nue Dae, directed by Rachel Perkins and written by Perkins and Reg Cribb. 

"Bran Nue Dae is a charming new Australian-based, music-driven road movie/romantic comedy starring Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush that literally bursts onto the screen with unbridled energy and fun. Loosely based on one of Australia's most beloved and popular musicals, Bran Nue Dae is a foot stomping tour-de-force centering on the romantic adventures of a young aboriginal couple set against the spectacularly beautiful Australian landscape."

The film was the winner of the Melbourne International Film Festival awards and nominated for People's Choice Award for the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival.

The film runs for 85 minutes. View trailer here

This event is free. Please register here