Digital Currencies – Reframing the Debate

Presented by ANU College of Business & Economics

Amid the hype surrounding Bitcoin, the central purpose of "crypto" has been obscured. Until this changes, digital currencies are likely to remain marginalised by regulators, central banks and investment allocators, and also within academia.

The key step is to view digital currencies as providing the necessary incentives for those developing, validating, governing and participating in the decentralised internet. This is a socially and economically worthwhile purpose.

In this lecture, ANU Alumni Mr Grant Wilson will draw upon his experience in managing sovereign wealth funds and hedge funds in reframing the debate around digital currencies.

About Grant Wilson

Grant Wilson is Founder & CEO of Civic Capital, based in Sydney. He was based in New York, from 2009-17, working for Moore Capital as a portfolio manager, and for Civic Capital, which managed hedge funds in FX and Macro space. Prior to this, he worked for GSIC, Singapore's sovereign wealth fund, as Global Head of FX and Macro.

Mr Wilson graduated from ANU in 1996, with BComm/LLB (1st). He also holds Msc International Political Economy from the London School of Economics and Political Science (2006).