Defining Moments of 2017: Events that shaped our world

Enjoy a glass of wine and antipasto at the National Press Club with former SBS TV Bureau Chief and Chief Political Correspondent Catherine McGrath in this Q&A-style event as she moderates a panel of ANU experts who will share their expert views and opinions on the major events which defined 2017 and how these continue to shape and impact the world.

The panel will cover issues from the Australian Citizenship Scandal with the High Court to the Trump Administration, a Year in Science Discoveries, Artificial Intelligence, North Korea, Russia and China. 


Professor Hugh White AO focuses on how the shifting power balances in Asia, especially between America and China, affect Australia's place in the region and what they mean for Australia's foreign and defence policies.

Professor Genevieve Bell is a cultural anthropologist and a recognised world leader in the ethnographic approach to the development, shaping and use of technology. Professor Bell is currently the Director of the 3A Institute and Florence Violet McKenzie Chair at ANU, and a Vice President and Senior Fellow at Intel Corporation, where she most recently served as their chief futurist. 

Dr Jane Golley is Associate Professor and Deputy Director at the Australian Centre on China in the World. Her research on the Chinese economy has spanned two decades, covering a wide range of issues, including regional development; demographic change and economic growth; educational and income inequalities; and 'Socialism with Chinese characteristics'. 

Dr Leonid Petrov is a visiting fellow at the School of Culture, History and Language, College of Asia and the Pacific, where he works on the issues of inter-Korean conflict and cooperation. He is a frequent media commentator on Northeast Asian security, trade and humanitarian issues.

Professor Kim Rubenstein is Australia's leading citizenship law expert, author of Australian Citizenship Law (2nd ed, 2017) and having appeared in three citizenship matters in the High Court of Australia.  She has been in high media demand providing commentary on the dual citizenship scenario in Parliament, appearing as a panellist on Q&A, and providing expert commentary on Skynews and ABC news 24.

Professor Lisa Kewley is currently implementing her scientific vision through her Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in All-Sky Astrophysics in 3D (ASTRO-3D). ASTRO-3D is a large distributed research centre of ~200 researchers covering six Australian universities, three partner observatories and seven international partner institutions.  The ASTRO-3D research program combines Australia's radio and optical ground-based telescopes with international 8-10m telescopes and world-wide super-computing facilities to understand the formation and evolution of matter, ionizing radiation, and chemical elements in the Universe.

This will be an interactive, live event and questions from the audience are encouraged. Please submit your question when you register for this event on Eventbrite. 

Antipasto platters and a glass of wine will be provided from 6.30pm. The event will start from 7pm.

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