Dava Sobel in conversation with Brian Schmidt

Join Dava Sobel in conversation with Professor Brian Schmidt in the prelude event to the 2017 Canberra Writers Festival.

The known universe would be much smaller were it not for a group of remarkable female"human computers" who worked at Harvard College Observatory in the 19th century to interpret the astronomical observations of their male counterparts. In this Special Prelude Event to the 2017 Canberra Writers Festival, Dava Sobel will tell the story of this amazing group of women who changed the history of astronomy, making extraordinary discoveries that attracted worldwide acclaim.

Dava's enthralling history The Glass Universe tells of women like Williamina Fleming, a Scottish woman originally hired as a maid who went on to identify ten novae and more than three hundred variable stars and Annie Jump Cannon, who designed a stellar classification system that was adopted by astronomers the world over and is still in use.

About Dava Sobel

Dava Sobel is an award-winning former science reporter for the New York Times. In her thirty years as a science journalist, she has written for many magazines, and coauthored six books, including Is Anyone Out There? with astronomer Frank Drake and The Illustrated Longitude with William J. H. Andrews. Sobel has been awarded the National Science Board's prestigious Individual Public Service Award, the Bradford Washburn Award from the Boston Museum of Science, and the Harrison Medal from the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers.

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