Culture, Rights & International Development

Come along and learn about the intersection of culture, human rights and international development!

The notion of universal human rights found its place in the contemporary world following WW2 with the emergence of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This Declaration proclaimed that it would no longer be permissible under international law for nations to do whatever they wanted within their borders. Under the Declaration the same protections and rights would be guaranteed to all people around the globe, irrespective of any identifying factor (nationality, religion, gender, age, etc.).

This conceptualisation of universal human rights was, and is, deeply rooted in Western ideals and values. Nearly 70 years after its adoption by the UN it continues to influence and guide international development and global interactions.

However, our modern world is more globalised and interconnected than ever before. We now have much greater access to and understanding of the immense diversity in culture, beliefs and global perspectives that exist around the globe. The Western conceptualisation of rights and culture is not the only way rights and culture are understood and practised throughout the world.

International development brings these two issues together on an increasing basis. How does international development advance human rights? How can this clash with local cultures? Does international development ever deprive people of their human rights?

Come and hear, and engage with, a diverse collection of speakers on these questions and much more. Join the ANU Learning Communities on Thursday 27 April 2017 at 5:30pm (at the Haydon-Allen Theatre) to break down and explore this interesting subject. This event will be a panel discussion.

Tickets are free and open to all.

Food and refreshments will be provided. A diverse range of food options will available to cater for all dietary requirements. The venue is accessible and this event is a safe-space. Please register to help us organise catering and to ensure you secure a seat.

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