Climate Cafe: Carbon Farming vs Biodiversity - Can we do both?

Over the last ten years, there have been various Australian Government programs to support "carbon farming" of trees to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

This Climate Café will discuss three ways of farming carbon using trees (biodiverse carbon woodlands, monoculture plantations and ceasing harvesting of native forests).   Participants will explore the opportunities and challenges for each approach, in the context of other strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

  • What are the trade-offs between these three possible forms of carbon farming?
  • Should a price on carbon be incentivising all, none or some of these?
  • What proportion (cents in the dollar) of any funding should go towards carbon farming vs other mitigation strategies?

About the Speaker

David Freudenberger, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer at the ANU Fenner School of Environment and Society.  He lectures in environmental forestry and has a research specialisation in ecological restoration. His career includes 15 years with the CSIRO and 5 years as Chief Scientist for Greening Australia.

About Climate Café

Climate Café is a relaxed gathering of people interested in discussing ideas and questions on climate change and related topics.   It cuts across disciplines, is inclusive, jargon-free and fun.   The approach is modelled on dialogue events such as Café Philosophic and Café Scientifique.

Climate Café is hosted by the ANU Climate Change Institute and the ANU Environment Collective.


Please note that parking at ANU can be difficult - we advise using public transport, taxi, cycling, walking or allowing plenty of time to find a park.