Climate Café: Can Societal Addiction Therapy transform our approach to climate change?

Despite global efforts to avoid dangerous climate change, we’re on track for temperature increases that easily exceed the agreed ‘safe’ threshold of 2°C. Clearly existing approaches to the problem are not working fast enough.

This Climate Café will discuss how new approaches could help overcome some of the barriers to action. Societal addiction therapy involves asking people to envisage their visions for a positive future. This contrasts with current approaches which are often based on highlighting the damage that is being done, confronting existing attitudes and behaviour and resulting in denial.

Prof Robert Costanza will kick off the discussion with a short presentation, followed by small group discussion of the following questions:

How do we build a broad social consensus about the world we want?
What do you think the world should look like?
How would this approach influence the political process?

About the Speaker

Professor Robert Costanza is a Vice-Chancellor’s Chair in Public Policy at the Crawford School of Public Policy at ANU. He has a distinguished academic career and is the author of over 600 scientific papers and 27 books. His transdisciplinary research integrates the study of humans and the rest of nature to address research, policy and management issues at multiple time and space scales, from small watersheds to the global system.

About Climate Café

Climate Café is a relaxed gathering of people interested in discussing ideas and questions on climate change and related topics. It cuts across disciplines, is inclusive, jargon-free and fun. The approach is modelled on dialogue events such as Café Philosophic and Café Scientifique.

Climate Café is hosted by the ANU Climate Change Institute and the ANU Environment Collective.