Choosing your cyber friends: lessons in collaboration and diversity for the digital age

Presented by ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

In an era of rapid technological advancement, the security of our personal, professional and political lives is becoming inextricably intertwined with that of our information, modes of communication and assets. This is a challenge that cannot be met by government alone, so a concerted approach by policymakers, industry, academia and individuals is critical to national security. Cybersecurity practitioners from all sectors also need the widest set of options, putting a premium on diversity to produce robust analysis, in-depth understanding and effective solutions. In a complex, digitising landscape, the challenge is to know your foes, watch the competition and choose friends wisely.

In this public seminar, global thought leader Bonnie Butlin will speak about the benefits of collaboration across the cyber domain and the obstacles that need to be overcome to achieve concerted and successful outcomes. She will provide insights into case studies of effective partnerships between government, industry and academia. Ms Butlin will also share her experiences and thoughts on the importance of diversity and attracting and retaining women in the cyber profession.

Bonnie Butlin is an inspirational female leader within the international cyber security community. She is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Security Partners’ Forum, the first-of-its-kind agile international network of security professionals, bridging all domains and disciplines of security. Under this banner, she has also created sub-networks including the Canadian Security Partners' Forum, the Canadian Security Executive Forum, the Women in Security & Resilience Alliance, the International Council of Security & Resilience Educators, and the Canadian Cybersecurity Alliance, which has since become the largest inter-association cyber initiative in history. She was also instrumental in setting up the Australian Women in Security Network.

Since 2013, Bonnie Butlin has received nine international awards and accolades in the security, defence and resilience domains, most recently the All Ladies League’s ‘Exceptional Women of Excellence’ Award, which will be conferred at the Women Economic Forum in New Delhi India in April 2018. She also currently works for the Government of Canada, where she is responsible for developing business continuity and emergency management guidelines and evaluation strategies to be used by all federal institutions.