Breath Biomarkers and Biosecurity in the Era of Eradication

The ATSE Academy and ANU University House invite you to a public lecture on Wednesday 26th July in the Common Room, University House, ANU from 5.15pm - 6.00pm followed by drinks. No need to RSVP.

This will be the second in our series of talks throughout the year around the topic of "security" - with this one on biosecurity, then later water security and cyber security with talks from eminent experts in their fields.

These days an infected individual can carry a new or emerging disease around the world before symptoms are obvious. Efforts to control and eradicate ancient scourges such as TB or malaria are also hampered by the difficulty of identifying asymptomatic carriers. This talk will describe some of the biosecurity problems inherent in the diagnosis of early stage or asymptomatic infectious diseases and the role that new diagnostic modalities can play in bolstering biosecurity. It will focus on the discovery of breath biomarkers of early stage malaria and describe biosensor technologies being developed to make point of departure/entry screening more feasible, effective and robust.