Bábbarra | Maningida Printed Textiles

Presented by ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

The Bábbarra Women’s Centre is a meeting place for more than 12 language groups in the Maningrida region. Established in 1989, the centre provides a place to share knowledge and ideas. The women at Bábbarra design and produce exquisite hand-printed textiles that are sold world-wide. Each length of fabric is unique and tells the ancestral stories of Arnhem Land country and cultures. The designs are bold and elegant, but they are more than designs: these designs tell the stories of the lives of the Bábbarra women.

Deborah Wurrkidj
Helen Lanyinwanga
Susan Marrawarr
Abigail Namunjdja
Elizabeth Kandabuma
Sonia Namarnyilk
Belinda Kuriniya
Linda Gurawana
Jennifer Wurrkidj

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