Australian Premier of “Fermín, Glorias de Tango”

The Argentine Embassy in Australia, the Spanish program at ANU, and Tango in the Spring welcome all members of the ANU and ACT communities to attend the Australian premier of “Fermín, Glorias de Tango”.

The film will be shown in Spanish with English subtitles. The premier is free and open to all. The screening will be followed by live music at the Great Hall (University House) by the tango group Tángalo. Also free and open to all.

More information about the film is available at
Fermin is set primarily in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Fermin Tundera is an 85 year-old patient at a typical “third-world” public hospital being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. It has been decades since Fermin was committed to the institution yet his condition has not improved. Ezequiel Kaufman is a 33 year-old psychiatrist who comes on the scene to treat the difficult patient and discovers that he is only able to communicate by using the cryptic lyrics of Tango, a peculiar characteristic indeed.

We witness a wonderful doctor / patient relationship develop as we are periodically taken back in time to Fermin’s younger years as one of the most popular tango dancers in 1940s Buenos Aires. In an effort to better understand his patient, the young ambitious doctor finds himself immersed in the tango world. Not only does Ezequiel find passion in this beautiful dance but also finds love when he meets Fermin’s beautiful grandaughter, Eva, herself a popular tango dancer.

Fermin’s condition steadily improves as we ultimately learn the reason for his peculiar illness.